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Common Challenges in Most Construction Projects

Posted on 28 April 2019 by (0)

A construction project has a manager that is responsible for the management of the entire project. This manager has the necessary skills, techniques and knowledge acquired through training and years of experience. As such, the manager is capable of initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and completing a construction project based on the client’s requirements. However, every construction project faces challenges. Here are some of the common challenges in most construction projects.

Undefined Goals

Undefined goals present a major challenge in most construction projects. This happens when stakeholders can’t agree or when unsure of what they want. This makes managing a construction project difficult for a project manager. To overcome this challenge, a project manager can ask direct questions and communicate questions continuously.

Changing Scope

The scope of a construction project can change. This can be caused by undefined goals and it can be the reason for delaying the project or over budgeting. To overcome this challenge, the project manager should communicate the challenge to stakeholders. The manager should let stakeholders know how the changes will affect budget and schedule of the project.

Lack of Accountability

Project managers are responsible for setting goals of construction projects. They have to ensure that the right teams or persons are assigned specific goals of their projects. Additionally, the manager must ensure that every party is accountable for the assigned task.

Unrealistic Expectations

Some people have unrealistic expectations of their construction projects. This may be due to impossible deadlines and insufficient resources. Unrealistic expectations cause challenges in a construction project because they hurt productivity and morale. Insufficient resources and looming deadlines can make teams less productive. Project managers should handle this challenge by setting realistic expectations and protecting workers from unrealistic expectations.

Poor Risk Management

Project managers should identify potential risks and ways of mitigating them. Unfortunately, their busy schedules make this difficult sometimes. However, project managers should get input from workers and come up with ways of managing risks.

Proper planning and effective communication enables construction project managers to know the risks stakeholders and workers are facing. This makes it possible to overcome challenges and accomplish the goals of the construction project.