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Defining Sustainable Construction

Posted on 19 January 2021 by (0)
A house under construction in Sedona Lakes, a master-planned community along County Road 101 just east of Texas 288 in Manvel.

Most people use the term sustainable construction and green building interchangeably. In most cases, modern building designers come up with designs that will have minimal impacts on the environment. At the same time, they make sure that the buildings have designs that provide standard comfort level, functionality, and durability. From a business perspective, sustainable buildings create room for businesses to expand and grow without affecting the environment negatively. 

What is Sustainable Construction? 

Sustainable construction definition describes it as a practice of building or creating a healthy environment whose basis are ecological principles. The focus of sustainable construction is on six principles. 

These are: 

  • Conserve
  • Reuse 
  • Renew/recycle 
  • Create high-quality and non-toxic 
  • Protect nature 

The goal of sustainable construction is to minimize the impact of the industry on the environment. To achieve this goal, contractors utilize sustainable practices and energy-efficient approaches. They also use green technology to build new houses. 

Different industries are doing everything possible to enhance sustainability. However, the construction industry is unique since it can affect how sustainable practices are applied. That’s because this industry uses a large amount of energy and materials. 

Why Sustainable Construction is Important 

Sustainable construction brings eco-friendly values and green building methods together in an attempt to lighten the impact that commercial and residential structures have on the environment. The sustainable construction concept encompasses the use of resource-efficient methods for the construction, design, renovation, maintenance, and buildings’ deconstruction. 

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, buildings in the United States alone account for around 39% of total energy use, 12% of water consumption, 38% carbon dioxide emissions, and 68% of electricity consumption.

Sustainable construction focuses on the use of materials that aim to minimize pollution, preserve natural resources, and create nonhazardous, healthy environments. This explains why sustainable construction matters. 

To engage in sustainable construction, work with a professional and experienced contractor. Find out what your contractor will do to make your construction project sustainable before you hire them.